Lewis Elliot

About Lewis

Age: 28

Resides: Born In Billings, Montana. Currently living in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Siblings: Older brother Porter and younger brother Blair.

Interests besides triathlon: Outdoors, guitars, skiing, basketball, tennis, karaoke, traveling, old books.

My iPOD contains: A lot of songs ranging everywhere from classic rock to hardcore gangsta rap. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to download the whole "Bob Dylan Collection" on iTunes. It's really a pretty good deal for 700+ songs.

Favorite race: St. Croix Triathlon US Virgin Islands. Can't wait to go back and do this one in 2007!

Favorite piece of equipment: My new bright YELLOW TREK TTX racing bike!

Favorite pet: Grew up with lots of dogs but I'm partial to K2, my current dog, she's a golden retriever and chases a tennis ball like a long-haired teenage Andre Agassi!

Favorite food: Banana frozen fruit stick bars and fresh blueberries.

Favorite guitar: I have 3, but my favorite is an old Acoustic Martin guitar. To me it's priceless, as they do sound much better with age.

Athletes I most admire: Tiger Woods, Dave Scott.

Most memorable experience: Racing the Tour of Austria on the US Junior National Cycling Team in 1997. 16 years old, my first time traveling to Europe. Huge culture shock, in a good way...

Best local race: SOMA Half Ironman, if you haven't done it, you should. Great weather and a fast course. It's rare we get to race safely in such an urban setting.

In another life I was: A Formula One driver, for Ferrari I hope.

Biggest goal in triathlon: To one day become World Champion.

When finished racing triathlon: Plan on becoming a traveling musician. If this doesn't satisfy me, I'll more realistically do something sport-related.

Athletic background: Growing up I competed in just about every competitive sport there was. I mainly was into skateboarding until I was old enough to run with my dad. During the winters we would do a lot of skiing at Big Mountain and Snowbowl in northwest Montana. I played competitive soccer until I got serious with cycling and then spent a few years at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs bike racing for the US National Team. Under the tutelage of Chris Carmichael and Roy Knickman I learned a lot of the focus and training ideas I still use racing today. This is where I got my first exposure to triathlon and started thinking about one day competing in Ironman Triathlons. Making up for lost time, of course now my training has more of a swim/run focus as I'm less experienced at those sports. I still enjoy skiing and tennis, more avidly in the off season. During the season I do play some pick-up basketball and lift weights, practice yoga, and do pilates for cross training.
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